Memory Foam Pillow and Mattress Review

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

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Are You Analyzing Memory Foam Mattress Choices?

This post is specifically for the bed-buying public who is leaning toward a 
 memory foam bed , or at least strongly considering one.

Memory Foam mattress


Bed Mattresses and Your Well-Being

Your choice of mattress is important, as it’s one you’ll have to live with, and it affects your health directly. So while it may be a real good idea to visit some mattress showrooms, to experience the firmness or comfort level of a memory foam mattress first hand, there are tips for narrowing it down:

    Measure your hallway and bedroom first to assess things


  • Go online & read reviews (good and bad) – take notes



  • Put the notes in your purse, so you’ll be able to add more notes at outlet



  • Consult with friends who may have experience w/ memory foam



  • Consult with spouse (or loved one) who you share your bed with


You’ll have to try out many bed models, most likely, to get the right fit – and to be confident in your choice.  It ‘s a good idea to return to the store outlet, once you have narrowed it down greatly.

Then return to the store (or stores) and sample each bed once more. And make sure the manager or salesperson will be on hand to answer any last questions you could have.  Take notes as needed, and then go home & chat about it with your spouse.

Trying Out a Variety of Memory Foam Bed Models

You will want to test a lot of very distinct models, to get a really good cross-section of mattress types. It’s essential you take your spouse along each time you are going to visit a mattress store, since he/she has input to make. For example, if your mate has a back issue or problem, that has to be factored in.

Thus it’s worthwhile not to rush into a decision. And the degree of cushioning and support that each person requires will be very individual. This is a good reason why it is so helpful to perform online investigation (memory foam mattress Amazon), & do so with your mate.

Because in examining online reviews, you’ll see that certain bed mattresses are tailored more to the larger person (or taller individual) & then a petite person would need to ELIMINATE that model from the shopping list.

So What Type Memory Foam Model for Lower Back Pain?

Ideally, if a body has back pain, you’ll want a mattress that is firm enough.  But first, you must determine if your issue is Lower Back Pain

Lower Back pain

or Upper Back pain.  It helps to know this, as memory foam mattresses are divided into 2 different kinds – what I mean is, you should examine the DENSITY of each memory foam bed model.

If you have lower back pain or issues, then you need a memory foam bed with lower density; whereas if you experience upper back pain, then you want a memory foam mattress that is HIGH DENSITY.

You should find out if your back pain is caused by poor circulation, or just what the primary cause is. And if you experience various levels of back pain (for example, upper and lower back pain) you may want to select a mattress with “zone supporters“.

GO to this page if you want an example of zone supporter mattress topper   Lower Back Pain

Memory and latex foam mattresses are wonderful for people who toss and turn, and move a  
lot when sleeping. As for persons who have had joint replacement surgery, they can find 
relief with beds made of memory foam or latex - this is because of the way a

memory foam bed

can disperse a person’s weight across the whole surface.


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