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Stress Level Affects Sleep, and So Does Sleep Apnea

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Most Lie to Their Boss About Stress Level: A Study

Here’s an interesting study I ran across.  It has to do with stress (which does tie in with one’s quality of sleep), and how many people lie to their bosses regarding stress, as they don’t feel real comfortable discussing the fact that they’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Sleep: Getting a Restful Sleep despite Sleep Apnea

(Daily Mail) UPDATED 2010-11-03

One in five workers has taken time off of work for a stress-induced “mental health day,” but most were unwilling to admit it, a new study has found. British researchers say 7 out of ten of those who had chosen to take time off wished to speak about their stress with their boss, but experts say that talking about feeling overwhelmed is still a taboo in most work places.

Productivity is Decreased as a Result

One expert says that the fact that millions of people feel forced to lie about their stress is sure to reduce productivity, decrease morale, and could ultimately affect their sleep habits (which in turn could lead to more Sick days).

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STRESS and The Bedroom: Relationship Stress Article

There is another good article regarding relationship stress and HOW sleep is affected.  I read the post, and it’s astounding that 40 million americans suffer from sleeping problems.

Sleep: Getting a Restful Sleep despite Sleep Apnea

Those with sleep apnea do impact their partners, it says in the article.  So if you think your partner may have apnea, you ought to think about getting him or her tested.  After all, it affects your quality of life too – according to the post I read, there is a moderate to severe disturbance.

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