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Sleep-Related Blogs: Additional Resources on Sleep Disorders e.g.

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Here is a helpful article from  It is about getting a good night’s rest, and how you can go about achieving this.

Sleep Blogs : Providing You Additional Resources

From time to time, I will provide you with useful resources – videos, PDF’s, and articles from other sleep-related blogs.     Memory Foam Mattresses RSS Feed Material

Topics such as sleep apnea, Kids Sleep, insomnia, sleep-related disorders, weight loss and sleep, ADHD and sleep, marriage and sleep will be covered in these additional resources.


Sleep is An Important Topic: I Promise Not to Bore You

Sometimes people sleep, get up, and go throughout their day. They may feel a bit fatigued but pay NO real attention to what is wrong, or what they might DO about it.

Then too, there are people driving who are sleep-deprived – and may get in an accident at any time. Please don’t ignore this issue – if you are the least bit fatigued, try to look into the matter – and resolve it whether it means including meditations in your daily routine, getting a new bed, using valerian, placing a sound machine by your bed, use of a sleep apnea mask, or other changes in your routine.


Sleep – Making Changes in Your Routine

There are helpful things to do (changes to make) which will aid you in getting a restful sleep! Sleep: Getting a Restful Sleep Did you know that you can eliminate certain things – like caffeine, or alcohol, or too many snacks, so you can STAY asleep better ?

Yes you can ! And it’s a good idea not to “energize” oneself too close to bedtime – so no exercise right before bed, or loud music, violent tv shows, or computer games.

Positive Steps Right Before Bed

You can have a nice cup of valerian tea (or some kind of tea that’s relaxing). And you can place some lavender on your pillow (nice relaxing scent), or wash your hair with shampoo containing lavender

Restful Sleep and Sound Machines

Also, set up some soothing music with your sound machine (can you say a-h-h ?).  A gentle meditation shortly before bed – if you’re into that kind of thing.


Sleep Strategies – More Reading   ALSO: When Baby Won’t Sleep

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