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Sleeping Problems Plague Many Arthritis Patients

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Sleep Problems Plague Many Arthritis Patients

Hello everyone.  Today’s post concerns the sleep troubles which befall many arthritis sufferers.  It is from the well respected site,  

Many rheumatoid arthritis patients take Prednisone – and when  they do,  it affects their sleep. So if you are interested in this topic (and would like to consume some more info regarding deep sleep problems, then visit Deep Sleep section )

Wonderful Features at Health Central Sleep Section

One nice feature at is that you can click “ASK a Question” (Right side of their page) and ask their resident expert a question regarding sleep (members also reply to inquiries).

At the TOP of the Healthcentral page is Our Community (where you can Meet the Experts), and there is also “Conditions A to Z” as well as  which features a Symptoms checker, Medications Library, Healthy Recipes, a Stress test, Calculate BMI, and a sleep assessment .

When you’re a person with sleeping problems, it can be comforting to consult with other members of the community at Healthcentral – please don’t be shy about seeking help for your sleeping problems, as it could be a matter of life & death (such as if you’re driving to work, Sleep-deprived).

My boyfriend once sleepwalked, and it was frightening for me.  Maybe that’s why I feel so darn strongly about this !


Sleep Problems Plague Many Arthritis Patients

(Reuters) UPDATED 2010-10-18  Up to 23 percent of arthritis patients experience severe sleep disturbance, a new study suggests. The data on 23,134 people found that arthritis patients were almost three times more likely than healthy people to suffer from insomnia , daytime sleepiness, or sleeping less than six hours per night. Those who suffered from uncontrolled pain were more likely to have sleep problems, as were those who suffered from “neglected symptoms,” such as depression and anxiety

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