Memory Foam Dog Bed: A High Quality Pet Bed for Your Loved One

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Memory Foam Pet Bed Review: Are You Concerned that Your Pet Gets a Good Nights Rest?

Memory Foam Dog bed

If you love your pet, and want him/her to get quality rest, then you may wish to consider a dog memory foam bed .  There are a few of these beds at Overstock, Target, and LL Bean. Yet I like to stick with Amazon due to their generous return policy.

There is a memory foam bed for pets that is specifically for a large dog with joint problems (Joint relief).  It is Extra Large at 40″ X 35″ X 4″. When it comes to finding a good large memory foam dog bed the reason I like to stick with Amazon is that you may have to TRY out several of these pet beds.

And since makes it a snap to RETURN things easily – well, you get the picture !


However, if you’d like to check out LL Bean’s orthopedic dog bed  >> HIT L.L. BEAN STORE



Memory Foam Dog Bed Sizes

It is also available in other sizes – you can choose from these sizes:

  • 37 x 27 x 4 inches
  • 55 x 37 x 4 inches
  • 35 x 20 x 4 inches
  • 55 x 47 x 4 inches

This high density memory foam Orthopedic grade bed can help with the pain of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint discomfort.  It sports a long-lasting memory foam pad that is 4 inches thick, and is secured by a waterproof internal zipper cover.   *Note: the outer cover comes off easily for washing. memory foam pet bed

Here are 7 major things to look for in a memory foam pet bed:

  1. Durability
  2. Comfort
  3. Waterproof cover
  4. High density foam
  5. Retains shape upon wash
  6. Pet allergies (consider cotton)
  7. Ease of Maintenance

Who is This Memory Foam pet bed for? It’s for dog owners who need a good, high-quality product; it’s for those who want easy cleaning and maintenance – & want a durable product that’ll LAST for many washings.

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s for caring pet parents.

>> It may not be best for really rambunctious dogs – or dogs that tend to be rough on furniture <<  


MPX Extra Large 40″ x 35″ x 4″ Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pad Pet Bed:  Reviews

92 percent of Amazon memory foam pet bed owners liked this bed – & rated it either 4 Stars or 5 Stars.  In other words, 315 out of 342 reviewers rated it 4 or 5 stars.  Here are some of their remarks:


5 Star Reviews


My dogs love this bed – you know a dog loves his bed when you sneak in and...” – READ MORE

“I can tell this bed is well made.  I  have 2 labs & so it is essential they are durable. The 2 covers fit very well and..”  – READ MORE


4 Star Reviews

The zipper busted on the second day, otherwise it’s a well-made bed”  –  READ MORE

I’m thankful this pet bed has provided my puppy a comfy place to sleep. However ..” –  READ MORE

Well, my dog is definitely resting more easily.  My other dog is jealous, and is..”  – READ MORE

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Questions and Answers on This Foam Pet Bed Topic

If you don’t feel this review has provided you ample information, you can see the Questions and Answers section – there are some pretty SPECIFIC questions about large dogs – such as “will this be BIG enough for my 2 rottweilers to co-exist on?” or “My dog has bad arthritis, I want to know if this foam is such that he won’t feel the hard floor beneath him at all?” (you’ll be thrilled to know that some owners of this pet bed are very pleased, and their dog has hip dysplasia).

>> SEE LINK for Q&A

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