Memory Foam Pillow and Mattress Review

Memory Foam Mattresses – An Introduction

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Individual mattress selection is based on personal preference, and you

may have to try out several styles of mattress, to know which one is

right for you.

Doing research can protect you from lemons (poor products) and also aid
you in narrowing down the competition.  I really suggest you do things
in steps. Have a piece of paper handy when you make your first pass,
with respect to doing your online research.

Have 2 columns. Write out your pros and cons, with a column for brands too.

Then, as you discover things through reading user reviews, you can cross
off manufacturers that you don’t care for.

Highlight Your Preferences in Bedding: Analyzing Amazon

Next, highlight your top 3 or 4 preferences. Then, prepare to do a
second session of online research, with a more analytical approach.
Here is one idea: go to the reviews within Amazon, and find  the 1 star
reviews, 2 star reviews, 3 star reviews, 4 star reviews, and 5 star reviews.

What you are doing is, with each memory foam mattress maker, seeing
which manufacturer has the Lowest number of 1 and 2 star reviews overall.

This gives you a guideline as to which memory foam mattress is the more
popular and has the fewest complaints.


Next Step: Narrow Down by Warranty & Return Policy

Assess the competition, compare warranties and return policies, and call
some companies on the phone to ask questions. Yes, it is an involved
process, but you have to think of your overall good health.


Back Complaints: What is The Ultimate Mattress for My Back?

Generally, the best mattress for one with a back complaint is a surface
that isn’t too awfully hard but which has enough support for you. Of
course to determine this, you have to try the mattresses out one at a
time, in person.

Memory foam mattresses are often beneficial to persons who suffer with
neck problems, as well as back problems. What you want to do is both
the exercise I laid out above (the online research), including making
calls to the store (or manufacturer) and ask your friends too.

Some of your friends, or co-workers, are bound to have a memory foam
mattress.  Write down what you find out, and combine it with the
user feedback you got when searching online.


Back Pain

In particular, locate a friend who actually has a back problem and who was
helped out with a memory foam mattress. Get specific feedback – such as
ascertaining the length of time your friend has had the foam mattress, and
“has he been using it every night?”

In this way, you’ll get a more accurate picture, and will be prepared when
you hit the mattress stores (i.e., to ask the salesman questions).

Now you’ll have a real excellent overview of the situation, and will
be able to make a sound buyers decision on your memory foam mattress.



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