Serta Memory Foam Pillows Review

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Memory Foam pillow

Memory Foam Pillows by Serta

In today’s post on memory foam pillows by Serta, I have included a special table (at Bottom of post) that will show you the dimensions of each pillow, its warranty, model number, color, full product description, and the no. of stars the reviewers gave the product.

Also included are width, length, and height of the pillow and a link to click where you can find out more about that memory foam pillow (By Serta).



Which Serta Memory Foam Pillows are For All Sleeping Positions?

In the table below, the two foam pillows that are suitable for all sleeping positions (side/back/front):

Serta 2-in-1 Reversible Memory Foam Classic Pillow and Serta Extra Support Memory Foam Grande Pillow.  At $44.99, the latter is pretty high quality and definitely will support your neck.

(I tried it, as I have neck issues from an auto accident)

Of course, the Serta 2 in 1 reversible gel pillow has certain advantages too.  It is medium firmness, and you can “flip it” when you desire .  It is fairly Flat yet provides good support to the neck – and if you feel u need a little extra support, simply FLIP it to the blue side !

Other Features of the Serta 2 in 1 reversible gel pillow: It is ventilated with air holes, and this line is made exclusively for Amazon… “cushy yet supportive”  said  one  reviewer.

This Pillow will become firmer IF exposed to cold weather – so if you used it while camping, expect that. It will REQUIRE  24 – 48 hours to return to normal, once you’re home.

Additional INFO/Reviews:

Pillow cover is a soft quilted 100% cotton cover.  Currently priced at around $43.




What are the benefits of the Serta Extra Support Memory Foam Grande Pillow?


Serta Memory Foam Pillow

“Well, this memory foam pillow is fairly heavy, and can be used under your legs or feet.”  One reviewer chose to do just that –  READ MORE HERE (Scroll to 2nd review)

4 Star Review

“I have always used feather pillows, so initially I found this a bit hard – but then I grew to

like this memory foam pillow..”   READ MOR

3 Star Review

“This product won’t work for the purpose we bought it for.  Can we send back…”   READ MORE

All in all, the reviews were as follows (STARS wise):  3 people gave it 4 Stars, 2 gave it 5 Stars and one person rated it 3 Stars.


*Note:  Comes with a nice, soft quilted Cotton cover that is washable.  If you place a pillow case over it, most of the heat retention problem will go away



Summation of Serta Extra Support Memory Foam Grande Pillow

The Serta Extra Support Memory Foam Grande Pillow works for ALL sleeping positions.  So, who might not like it?  Someone who does not care for a heavy pillow, or a person who really enjoys sinking into their pillow – because this memory foam pillow by Serta is somewhat FIRM .





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