Memory Foam Pillow and Mattress Review

Memory Foam Mattress (Queen Size) Chart

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Premium Queen Size Memory Foam Mattresses: Who Are They For?

By the way, while these Memory Foam Mattresses aren’t cheap, they are nice to have for a guest room, or for a loved one who you care about. Because, remember that SLEEP has a direct relationship to wellness.



There are studies which tie the amount of rest a person gets to good health.  Do you realize your body interprets a Lack of Sleep as a stressor?  Yes, it’s true — you can see the proof here in Dr. Oz’ statements.

Also, seventy-five percent of the populous in America say that they have trouble sleeping, for a minimum of two nights per week.  Surprising eh? This bit of data was extracted from

Fact is, in the United States we take fewer siestas than people in Spain – so it is IMPERATIVE to get a good night’s rest.

Back Pain: How Is This Affected by a Lack of Rest?

There is another article at (an “authority site”) which features a STUDY on “new bedding systems” versus “original bedding systems” – i.e., it’s a sleep study in which the participants had minor musculoskeletal sleep-related pain and compromised sleep.

The study was conducted for 28 days – specifically, the control group slept first on their original beds (for 28 days) – and afterward, slept on new bedding (medium-firm beds) for 28 days.

Then they completed a questionnaire, which specifically inquired about Quality of Sleep, back discomfort, and stress level.

>> You can read details of the study at <<

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