Memory Foam Mattress Guide – Serta vs. Slumber Solutions


Serta vs Slumber Solutions: A Comparison, or Memory Foam Mattress Topper Guide


This post is for those of you who are seeking a comparison of Serta vs Slumber Solutions. First of all, I’ll discuss SLUMBER SOLUTIONS. Then Serta, in our discussion of Serta vs Slumber Solutions. I did do research on it at Amazon, for memory foam mattress toppers.  The thing you need to know upfront is that

Slumber Solutions

brand does not have a lot of reviews at Amazon – 4 as of May 2015, for Slumber Solutions Highloft Supreme – still, four people all rated this Twin topper 5.0 stars.

There is a “Question and Answer” section for the Highloft Supreme 3 Inch topper, at Amazon under queen memory foam mattress topper



Today we are covering the

3-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

It has a 3 pound density and is 100% polyurethane foam.  It is touted to improve circulation.



Who is this Mattress for?

Someone who has slept on egg-crate style mattress before, and liked it.  That’s one scenario; also, it fits the bill for someone who is interested in cutting the mattress to fit a smaller bed (this can be done).

Also could be for a person who is looking for just a little bit of extra padding on your firm mattress.



Memory Foam Mattress Guide – Reviews of Slumber Solutions Bed

There are 2,279 reviews of this mattress at Overstock (as of July 2012) and this queen memory foam mattress topper is rated 4.6 out of 5 Stars MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS GUIDE  by reviewers.  Many with “Back complaints” could possibly appreciate this bed, based on the reviews I examined. Several people said that they had LESS tossing & turning with this memory foam mattress topper.

Also, as to scent, it does dissipate – but follow the directions about airing it out first (2 days should probably do it).

Please note that some reviewers reported it not being too hot.  So this topper may be okay for those who are sleeping in a warm room, or warm state


Comments From Owners of Slumber Solutions Queen Memory Foam mattress topper

“Hands down, the best cash money I’ve spent on bedding. Because of this topper, I was saved – i.e., it helped a new mattress of mine (which I’d just gotten) to be more comfortable.”

“Was experiencing a back ache til I began using this Foam mattress topper. It’s great.  Figured I was going to be forced to purchase a new bed, but this topper fills the bill – highly recommended !”


Serta vs Slumber Solutions: Serta 2.5 Inch Queen Memory Foam Mattress Topper


SERTA VS SLUMBER SOLUTIONS Memory Foam Bedding  Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 2.5 inches


This queen memory foam mattress topper comes in Queen, King, & Twin.  It is made in the USA, and it is touted to REDUCE tossing and turning at night – this is mentioned in the Product Description at Amazon. It has a premium egyptian cotton cover, which can be taken off & washed.

In regard to this topper by Serta, it is noteworthy that 11 out of 12 reviewers at Amazon rated it very highly – giving this

queen memory foam mattress topper

5 stars.  Only 1 person differed, and he still maintained that it was comfortable but felt it would be even more so if you stacked 2 of these toppers on your bed.  You can read more of his remarks here


  • ASIN: B0040QDY8U
  • Item model number: F-TOP-11550-QN-WHT
  • 5 of 5 Stars


Back Complaints? Read What this Reviewer Revealed

Back Complaints

Another memory foam mattress topper reviewer said it assisted with his aching back – Read more

Awaken with no back pain each day. This queen memory foam mattress is dense and not too soft. I am so impressed. I had a topper from walmart, previously, & it didn’t hold up.”   READ More

“The 2 1/2 inches does in fact add a fair amount of height to my bed. I like the way a bed looks, when it has a bit of extra height! My bed just seems to look a lot nicer. Do be warned that your fitted sheets will have to have EXTRA deep pockets.  Have been sleeping on this for 1 week, so it’s time to report: I’ve experienced far less Tossing & turning !”  – M.D. Stern,  Amazon Vine reviewer



5 STAR REVIEW of Serta Memory Foam Mattress

“Got this as I was experiencing terrible back pain. Was keeping me awake; now I use this & it helps a lot. I don’t have any trouble with the topper heat-wise either; I’m in the Southeast (very HOT)  & yet my bed was quite comfortable.” —

By riteoutside (Knox TN)


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