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Memory Foam Mattress Reviews of Queen Size Mattress: 80 Percent of User Reviews are Positive

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Memory Foam Mattress Review: Good News, Look at the Stats


Sleep-Better-Memory-Foam-MattressHi everyone.  At my site, I try to include quality products – and I check for those Amazon products that have an overwhelming number of POSITIVE reviews.

Today I include some memory foam mattress reviews of a specific kind of topper which many consumers appreciate – especially pregnant ladies.

It is really good for anyone who wants a quality night’s rest.

Okay so this is a visco memory foam mattress topper – SLEEP Better queen size mattressover 80% of the reviewers at Amazon rated it 4 or 5 Stars – so read on, to find out what exactly they found appealing.

(By the way, 62 percent did rate this queen size mattress at 5 stars, and 22 percent rated it 4 stars)


It does come in different sizes:

  1. TWIN XL
  2. FULL
  3. QUEEN
  4. KING


Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper



The Sleep Better 3-Inch Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper is supposed to be good for pregnant women, and really anyone who wants a good night’s sleep.  Supposedly, there is less “tossing and turning” at night with it – but you’ll have to examine the negatives, to determine if you’re going to HAVE to rule it out.

To this end, I will put the more neg (-) reviews of this mattress first, and the more positive reviews after that.  And I will point out remarks made by women who were pregnant at the time they did their reviews.  Fair enough?

Okay, and btw this particular mattress/model is FREE Shipping for Prime members at Amazon.



Description of SLEEP Better Queen Size Mattress

Temperature-smart, open-cell technology for heat reduction.  Pad measures 58 X 77 X 3 inches.

Naturally, that is for a Queen Size. If you were to get the Twin XL, the measurements would be 37 X 77 X 3 inches. A King would be 76 X 77 X 3.

Benefits the bed-confined, due to its therapeutic properties.  And this bed is good for pregnant women too.  Made in the USA, and has a 5 year warranty.


viscoelastic mattress


Now here are some of the advantages of using the Sleep Better memory foam topper:


  • Its head-to-toe contouring feature brings superlative contentment for pregnant women and their babies.
  • The Sleep Better mattress is comfortable and conforms to your body in response to pressure and heat, providing you with a good rest.
  • Memory Foam returns to its original shape as soon as you get up (especially the high density foam).
  • Hypoallergenic properties will help to ensure no allergies endure.
  • It is a brilliant topper for allergies that also does not attract bed bugs and even dust mites.
  • Increases the life of your expensive mattress.
  • Use while traveling, to reduce your concerns over “bed bugs”.
  • Use on hideaway bed; reduce discomfort and enjoy a more comfortable sleep.
  • For certain health issues like bad back, shoulder cramps, hip problems or swelling feet, you should find considerable relief.


Memory Foam Mattress Amazon


SAFETY Information:  Polyurethane material is flammable – Please be careful with space heaters, cigarettes, & naked lights.


>>  NOTE:  This product comes with FREE shipping (with PRIME membership) <<






SLEEP BETTER Queen Size Mattress Reviews

**Note:  I am placing the more negative reviews first, as I promised above.


1 Star Reviews of Viscoelastic Mattress

“A density of 2.5 pounds is simply too low” – READ REVIEW

“If you like Ultra soft, then go for it…”    READ FULL REVIEW

“Changed color, first from bright yellow to dark orange on the areas..  READ REVIEW


3 Star Reviews of Viscoelastic Mattress

“This queen size mattress caused me to wake up HOT a few times; still, I rate it 3 stars as it’s very comfortable indeed..”   READ REVIEW

“Good deal, however not Perfect ..”   READ REVIEW

“Am not quite as sore now, when I awaken – however, this does seem…”   READ REVIEW


4 Star Reviews of Viscoelastic Mattress

“I own a couple of SLEEP Better toppers, plus a Tempurpedic mattress.  I actually like the combination of the Aerobed and Sleep Better 2 inch topper the most.  I break it down for you here..”  READ MORE of my Excellent REVIEW

The “new” smell of this mattress topper can be a bit offputting; thank goodness, it DOES go away.  Overall, quite comfy…   READ MORE

“I only sink slightly, and overall it is a real comfortable topper. I must say that some complaints made by others are valid – the mattress does stink (but it goes away in a few days), & also it’s a bit SHORT which actually makes the sheets fit better ..”   READ ON


Pregnant Ladies Comments

“This product has been wonderful for my back.  I am pregnant, & my hubbie has complained about having sleep issues (deviated septum) for a LONG time.  Now we both sleep better..”  READ ON

“”A truly fantastic nite’s sleep – wonderful.  I’ve had for about 1 month, & our rest has been BETTER. And since I have a pregnant wife, comfort is real important..”   READ MORE


>> Q and A for SLEEP BETTER Visco memory foam mattress



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