Memory Foam Pillow and Mattress Review

Rest on a Cloud with Memory Foam Toppers: Twin XL, Twin, Full and Queen – Honest Reports from Those Who Buy Memory Foam

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SLEEP BETTER with Memory Foam Toppers by Sleep Studio


Sleep Studio Twin XL ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Topper (4 Inch)


This twin foam mattress topper is made with plant based materials, is 100% Polyurethane and has the open-cell technology so that it breathes better than other models. You see, there have been recent improvements in air flow and circulation – Sleep Studio’s memory foam permits 5 times the amount of air flow.

You may also be wondering if it’s hypoallergenic; yes, this twin foam mattress topper not only has hypoallergenic properties, but also prevents bacteria, mold and fungi growth.

Its measurements are 73″ X 37″ X 4″ . Two year warranty .

AVAILABLE SIZES:   Twin, Twin Mattress XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.


*Note: One thing to be aware of is this item must be shipped separately from other items you may have in your order




“I like my new topper, have not had any discomfort due to heat; ventilation with this topper is quite adequate for me. Found it easy to open the package; also, the mattress gained its shape rather quickly. No problem there.  As to smell..”   READ MORE

“The foam on this is not real dense. If you put this on a hardwood floor, it would not be comfortable – you’d feel the floor. Initially I was too warm sleeping on this, but then I moved the topper from our old box springs over to a new, very firm mattress & am happy – can sleep soundly. My wife is happy with it too. Nonetheless, I only use a …”    READ MORE

“made my bed softer, but it’s a challenge to turn on my side since I sink into the foam..”  READ MORE

“Got this for my daughter, as she complains how firm her current mattress is. Well, she loves this topper, and even invites girlfriends over for sleepovers! Very…”   READ MORE

“For severe back pain a memory foam mattress topper is a necessary part of your therapy regimen, however it has to be a good (high quality) one and it must be on top of a pretty firm, reasonably supportive mattress..”    CONTINUE READING



Source of Buyer Reviews and Description:

Buy memory foamSleep Studio Memory Foam








SLEEP Studio Twin XL ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Topper (3 Inch)

Okay, 10 percent of people rated this 1-2 stars while the majority rated it either 3, 4, or 5 stars – so what percent of reviewers gave it 4 or 5 stars?  It’s 90 percent.

Exactly what did the reviewers feel was worthwhile? 

I examined consumers reviews, and several persons reported it eased their pain (one man had a shoulder injury, & a lady who has bad back pain has it no longer).

Another lady said  – “I bought this particular mattress enhancer to improve my mobility in the morning – now I have less back pain in the morning, &  my arthritic pain has reduced.”  SEE MORE



“Better than the alternative at stores. I went & checked at Target & BB&B. (their prices were higher and the pad came with a cover). They had samples you could try out. At both stores, when I laid on the mattress sample I sunk straight to the floor. Very hard. The pad sold here (at Amazon) is about a pound more density, per cubic foot..”  –  READ ON

“This arrived & I unpacked it and placed it on my bed to let it rise.  Well, it did have an odor, so I had to put it in the garage for 4 days. Then..”   READ ON

“I am one pleased customer. Did not expect such a wonderful sleep, yet now I am recommending..”  READ ON

“In contrast to others, I did not have a problem with odor.  And I’ve got a sensitive nose. 😎   Once it had sheets & a cover on, I never smelled any scent at all..”   READ ON
NOTE: You may wish to consider going for the next size up, as some consumers have claimed it is a bit shortREAD MORE

Twin Foam mattress topper: Final Notes

Air it out for at least 5 days before using, and be sure to unpack the product within 72 hours. Recommend that you give it 2 days to come to full height.  It is a good idea to use a protective cover (less wear & tear)


Source of Buyer Reviews and Description:

Buy memory foamSleep Studio Memory Foam


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