Memory Foam Pillow and Mattress Review

Memory Foam Mattress Pad: Facts You Need to Make a Decision

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Does a Memory Foam Mattress Pad Help a Body’s Aches & Pains?


Memory foam was first introduced by NASA for the astronauts.  Its purpose was

to reduce pressure on the astronauts during the liftoff phase.

Memory foam cells have holes in them; thus they spread their air pressure onto

adjoining cells.  This is basically WHY the foam material can

reduce pressure points on your body.

Today, many are interested in memory foam.  Some people look at it as a way to

help their current mattress (or box springs) last a bit longer.  I have a Full Size

Memory Foam Pad on my guest room bed, and enjoy it tremendously.

Other people feel that it may help their arthritis or aches and pains, as high

quality memory foam mattress pads do spread pressure points.

At, we review all sizes: queen size mattress,

king size memory foam mattress, full size memory foam, even baby foam



Memory Foam Mattress Pad: More Considerations

Of course, there are many levels of quality when it comes to memory foam.  Some

memory foam mattress pads can make you sweat.  Bear this in mind.

Also, you have to consider the mattress you are starting with.  How old is it?

If it is a very old mattress, then you cannot expect a memory foam mattress

topper to “work like magic“.

You have to have a good foundation, to begin with.  You must.  If you think you

might want a really plush, comfortable experience, then opt for the thicker foam.

   Four inches may do the trick

You have much to consider, regarding your new

memory foam mattress pad


Yet, since health and sleep are so closely tied together, it is worth the research

don’t you think?



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