Memory Foam Mattress Cleaning

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Prior to cleaning a memory foam pad, be sure to check the instructions which accompanied your purchase to make sure non-professional cleaning is allowed. Just check the label on the product.



Here’s a brief explanation of how to clean a memory foam mattress . I will list the items you will need first, and precautions to use.

You will want the following:      

    Spray bottle
    Liquid fabric cleaner
    Electric fan                                                   
    Baking soda
    Plastic gloves *
    Soft cloth or sponge
    Hydrogen peroxide

It should be said that you need to be prepared to air dry the mattress for a few days, preferably in a guest room with an electric fan to speed the process along.  You’ll have to plan to sleep somewhere else for a few days. Due to the DENSE nature of memory foam, it can take longer for these types of mattresses to dry.

*NOTE: If you have urine stains (or some serious stains), it will require more intense cleaning; this is addressed at the bottom of this article. Just know that in the event you need to do an intense cleansing of your foam mattress, it can take up to one week to dry.

Instructions for Cleaning a Memory Foam mattress pad:

1        First, vacuum the memory foam mattress with a hand vacuum (or wand attachment).
2        Depending on its size, put your foam mattress in the bathtub, or on a tarp outside near a water spigot with a hose attached.

3        Fill one-third of the spray bottle with liquid fabric cleaner and the remaining two-thirds with water. Shake the bottle, then spray both sides of the mattress with the mixture. Allow it to stay on the mattress for 30 minutes.

4        After this time has elapsed, rinse the mattress thoroughly with the shower or a hose. Remove the excess water by gently pressing down on the mattress with your hands, or by walking on it in bare feet. Don’t twist the mattress to get the water out. It could be damaging to the foam.
5        Empty and rinse out the spray bottle, then fill one fifth of it with vinegar and the rest with water. Spray both sides of the mattress with the diluted vinegar solution to disinfect it. Rinse both sides of the mattress again and press out the excess water again.

6        It the mattress is clean, place it in a spot where it can dry out completely. Indoors, an electric fan can help speed the process. Outdoors, keep it out of direct sunlight and hope for warm breezes and no rain. Don’t put the mattress back on the bed frame until it is completely dry.

7        If there are still stains in the mattress, use baking soda and peroxide. They may be able to get them out.

WARNING:  Hydrogen peroxide can damage and discolor your mattress while removing the stain. Call a professional if you do not want this to happen !

8        On a dry mattress, dampen the stained area with water, then sprinkle it with baking soda. Blot or gently rub the area until the baking soda disappears. When dry, vacuum the spot.

9        Wearing plastic gloves, pour hydrogen peroxide on a sponge or cloth and blot or gently rub the area until the stain is gone.

>> INTENSE MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS – There is an excellent post located HERE , with complete step by step directions.


*For further tips, such as what to do if you HAVE to use your mattress and simply cannot

wait until the SPOT is dry, visit this memory foam article  (it has some good ideas & tips)




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