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Learning Problems, Obesity, Sleep Apnea are Intertwined: Researchers

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Kids Obesity, Sleep Apnea are Intertwined: What Can You Do?


If your child is overweight, the sooner you can look at solutions, the better.

One thing you can do is offer to work out with your child a bit.  Toss a football in the backyard, play cricket or basketball, ride bikes together – whatever will spur your child into action, do it ! And if your kid can’t decide initially on a sport, the two of you can go for hikes in the park & walks around the neighborhood.

Another way of getting your child to exercise goes almost “unnoticed” – get a pet (dog), and have your son or daughter take the pup out for daily walks. 

What a novel idea, eh?  But seriously – be concerned if your children are more than 10 -15 percent overweight.  You want to catch it early, and take the initiative to start doing physical exercise (chores even) – so it doesn’t begin to cause health problems..

Bed Mattresses: Sleep apnea connection?

Things like sleep apnea, for instance, are very much tied to obesity – particularly belly fat.   You can read up on it at, or – the latter of which has a place where you can ask a health-related question, and receive an answer. It’s kind of an interactive site.

Thus, if kids’ obesity is an issue in your family unit, don’t let it get you down.  Take it as a challenge, and set up solutions.  Consult with your family physician, of course, before embarking on a particular diet change; and discuss it with your kids (the solutions, such as physical exercise, less tv and computer time, learning about healthy foods, etc.).  You may even discover some REALLY good exercises – such as trampoline workouts.

Sleep Apnea: How Many Toddlers Suffer with This?

Approximately one to three percent of pre-school aged children suffer from sleep apnea, and can be because of an enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids – and a disproportionately small airway. Since children with this problem can have their growth pattern affected, you will want to diagnose this early.  To get more info, you may visit


Obesity, Sleep Apnea and Childhood Learning are Intertwined: Additional Reading

Researchers (ABC News) UPDATED 2011-11-04       Sleeping Problems: Sleep Apnea

Improving childhood obesity, sleep apnea, and learning impairment may require addressing all three factors, a new study suggests. That’s because a complex relationship appears to exist between sleep, weight, and a child’s ability to learn, researchers say. Addressing sleep apnea or learning ability alone is significantly more difficult unless parents and doctors address an overweight child’s obesity, while at the same time, experts say that children who have poor mental processing may be more likely to develop obesity and sleep apnea.

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Symptoms of SLEEP APNEA


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