Latex vs Memory Foam – What are deciding factors?

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Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress : Details Weeded Out by Consumers


The folks at performed an extensive survey regarding 2 types of mattress:

  1. Latex
  2. Memory Foam


This survey was performed with over 6200 owners of latex and memory foam mattresses.  You’ll be able to benefit from this survey –

What kind of questions were asked of people?  Things like:

  • Durability
  • Easy to Move on?
  • Price Affordability
  • Off Gassing?
  • Good for sex?
  • Is it HOT to sleep on
  • Availability
  • Warranty
  • Motion Isolation

Of course, you ought to take the list & prioritize which factors are the more important ones, for your family.  Put those at the top of your newly designed list. Then, as you visit stores online or offline, you can use this sheet to make notes. Why not print up several copies, & use for scoring different beds, or memory foam mattresses.

>> You can PRINT the actual page at  I tried it <<

There are 16 factors to consider – SEE full list at The article is comprehensive.  It even has a Definition of Terms, so you can comprehend fully what you are reading.

Additionally, they have GRAPHS, and pie charts, to show the data BROKEN DOWN.  So you can see at a glance which type of mattress won, say, when it came to “coolness” or “Pain Relief”, or “availability”.

Here is a link to read about steps to take if you feel the foam mattress is too hot:

>>  Article



Durability vs Longevity: An Interesting Detail

Personally, I found this of interest – with regard to Latex foam specifically, 10 percent of the time owners report that an indentation or Body impression can develop relatively early on.

It tended to happen more with 1 sort of latex, over another sort of latex.  Are you curious?  If you need the answer, head to this page on latex fallacy (Scroll to the 5th category, Durability/Longevity.



Sleep Like the Dead Post: More Information

Just a heads up:  At the very bottom of their page, you’ll find a hyperlink which says Comparison Continued – CLICK IT to go see the second page of Latex vs Memory Foam Comparison.



Next, is a detailed chart in case you are in need of more information on memory foam bedding.  I don’t want to sell you – just provide some good solid information.

It’s a good idea to look at the warranties, and also to make a few phone calls to your local store.  And if you want to get a feel as to the firmness (or comfort level) of a foam bed, why not visit a mall or local outlet in your area?

It’s also wise (especially if you have a back issue) to seek feedback from your friends or co-workers, in addition to reading online reviews.

Finally, here is “6 QUES. To Ask When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress





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