Best Memory Foam Pillows: Hear the Truth from Actual Users

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Molded Memory Foam vs Zoned Memory Foam vs Non-Zoned Memory Foam – An Intelligent Review


In Today’s Post:

What elements make up the best memory foam pillows?  Ok, here are 3 of the more popular foam pillows:

  1. Z by Malouf Pillow
  2. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow
  3. Serta Memory Foam Pillow

Each of these memory foam pillows has their advantages.  I will tell you about the features of each, and you can analyze the facts.
*Note: Be sure to see our Feature Comparison Table below which covers many of the Memory Foam Pillows on the market.


First up:

Z by Malouf memory foam pillow zoned

Malouf Zoned memory foam pillow

There are 3 Z by Malouf pillows at amazon, and each of these have been reviewed by a lot of consumers, so you will be able to get good feedback.  These are:

  1. “Z” by Malouf Zoned Memory Foam pillow (removeable cover) – High loft plush
  2. “Z” by Malouf Gelled Microfiber pillow with memory foam layer
  3. “Z” by Malouf Memory Foam Molded pillow (washable velour cover) – High loft firm

Each of the above comes in Queen or King
.  Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars for each.

Now, let’s examine each of these pillows by Malouf.  First:


“Z” by Malouf Zoned Memory Foam Pillow

At $36.99, it is reasonably priced.  Provides superior pressure relief as you rest.  Zoned support.  Soft, embossed velour cover is removeable and can be laundered.


Zoned Memory Foam Pillow – Reviewers Remarks


The Malouf High Loft Plush pillow is exceedingly fine.  Shipping was fast.  A sheer pleasure from the first night’s sleep…”   READ MORE

“High loft vs low loft; firm vs plush: The zoned Malouf pillow is much more comfy than the non-zoned pillow..”   READ MORE (3rd One on the PAGE)

Zzzz – oh Darn, overslept again…”  READ MORE


**NOTE:  84% of Amazon Reviewers gave this Malouf pillow 4 or 5 Stars **



Second up:

“Z” by Malouf Gelled Microfiber with Memory FOAM Layer


Malouf Memory Foam Pillow - Gelled Microfiber - King or queen size  Gelled Microfiber provides the feeling of down without the feathers, allergies, or “smells”.  The filling does not clump together in places, or become limp over time.  Has a breathable construction, therefore this Malouf pillow keeps you at a comfortable temperature.

Anti-dust mite, antimicrobial.  *King size measures 35″ x 16″, and Queen is 29″ x 16″

NOTE:  out of 93 reviews, 70% of Reviewers gave this 4 or 5 Stars



Reviews of Malouf Gelled Microfiber Pillow

5 Star Review:

“I had sworn off my Bucky pillow for about ten years, but during past few years my ears began to hurt & I knew it was time to replace it.  Decided to see if there was something new out..”  READ MORE  

3 Star Review

“As I have compressed disks in my neck, I wanted a pillow with GOOD support..”  READ MORE

4 Star Review

“Comfy yes, but not as effective as a full on memory foam pillow..”   READ MORE




Third up:

Malouf Memory Foam Molded pillow – High Loft Firm

Z by Malouf

Description: Dough memory foam, with velour cover that can be removed & washed.  Comes in king or queen size.  Offers support, but springs back and has a quick recovery quality.  Anti-microbial and anti-dust mite.  The Malouf memory foam molded pillow comes in two loft heights – 5 inch and 7 inch, and 2 density levels – plush or firm.   *Note:  76.5% of Reviewers gave this 4 or 5 Stars .


Memory Foam Molded Pillow Reviews


“I’m a Side Sleeper and this is great for me.” –  See Why HERE      SCROLL DOWN, once there

4 Star Review

“Sleeping on a MARSHMALLOW CLOUD..”  See Video Review HERE    Scroll to Bottom, once there

“Just as it says – High, Queen, real firm..”   READ MORE

==> To see the actual page with all three of the Malouf pillows featured go HERE



Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Pillow: Product Description and Review at THIS Page

Sleep Innovations has several types of foam pillows.

Today we’ll look at Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

Visit Sleep Innovations memory foam pillow page


Some other brands included in the table are Simmons Beautyrest, Simmons Beautyrest Memory Foam Pillow Serta Memory Foam Pillow, gel memory foam pillows, cool contour memory foam pillows and SensorPEDIC memory foam pillow

Question: What is the Best Memory foam pillow?  That is a subjective question, and while we hope we have provided ample detail to aid you in the buying process, you may just have to try out a few memory foam pillows.

*Note: If you merely want to check for firmness of the pillow, you can do this without removing the wrapper.  Then you can return the pillow, if need be.  (See Return Policy Here

Tip:  Maybe even order 2 at a time from Amazon, so that you can compare them.





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For full details or to buy the Malouf Pillow now, click here.

Source of Buyer Reviews and Description:


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