Memory Foam Pillows: Full-Body Pillows and U-Shaped Body Pillows

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Neck Pain Solutions:  U-Shaped Pillows and Full Body Pillows for Travel and Home


If you would like to get a truly restful night’s sleep, you might want to consider getting a new pillow – you may even wish to look at (or try out) a number of memory foam pillows, to ascertain which is the best travel pillow for you.

A Zoned Memory Foam pillow
There are many kinds of memory foam pillow – there are contour memory foam pillows, and U-shaped pillows for people with neck problems.  And there are “zoned” as well as non-zoned memory foam pillows – you can read up on these in a related post .

There are some pillows which travel well and provide good support for your neck. An example of this is the

Neckbone Pillow    Neckbone Pillow

So what do owners of the neckbone pillow like so much?  These attributes:

  • Zipper access to customize the level of support
  • It has side handles for easy placement
  • Very soft, with a silky covering
  • Provides support for both head/neck
  • Does not “go flat”
  • Remains in place once it’s under you
  • Can be used for floor exercises too

Filled with hypoallergenic polyester, the neckbone pillow is mainly for neck pain sufferers or those who need SUPPORT while in a recliner.  It can be used in a bed, but probably along with your main pillow as it is rather small.

It does have a very soft cloth covering, made of velour.  It’s a chiropractic pillow that has support for BOTH head and neck.  It features a machine-washable cover.

There is a similar NeckBones pillow for a bit LESS money called DogBones chiropractic neck pillow; this one is also hypoallergenic, and is made of 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester. Dog Bones Neck pillow  It is $14.99 at the time of this writing (July 30, 2013).

How does it compare to the original, in terms of ratings? Well, it’s pretty highly rated at 4.5 stars and has been recommended by upper cervical chiropractor, as you can SEE Here  – it is 14-1/2 inches long and 6-1/2 inches high.


Neck Problems and U-Shaped Pillows: Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

There are many horseshoe-shaped neck pillows available at amazon or walmart online. I will tell you of a few that I located. I have a brother who owns a travel store, so I have tried several
of these types of pillow while on vacation, and at his house.

First of all, if you’re traveling it is good to have a variety of pillows (one backup pillow, at a minimum) – since you can’t always know the firmness or comfort level of the bed, it is good to know you can count on your pillow.

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck pillow

Since I have a neck issue, I sometimes use neck pillows made of memory foam – such as the Travelmate memory foam pillow (one of those u-shaped pillows). It can be used not only on planes, but on your bed too. I find it helps me to keep my neck in alignment (which means fewer trips to the chiropractor, yes !)

I like to take it with me on vacation, as it squishes down and is easy to pack. Also the pillow cover is removable/washable.

Note: One traveller at Amazon remarked that the cover developed a bit of a funny smell (She was in India during the monsoon season).  It returned to normal once back on the plane.


Full Body Pillows: Comfort U Pillow

Assuming you want to get really comfortable, you might take a peek at this amazing invention – the full body pillow.

I was astounded when I read about it on amazon, as I hadn’t previously known this even existed. I read it can help out someone who has hip pain, and was immediately attracted to it.

I had to give it a try! Not only did it help relieve my hip pain, but it provided me a better night’s sleep  Restful Sleepoverall. It is a bit pricey (about $99 at amazon), yet can be worth it. And it’s comparable to some of the pillows you see at

The specific one I chose was the “Fusion Fiberfill” – there is a second Comfort U full body pillow – the Fossfill. It supposedly can maintain its shape better (READ Rebecca’s comments on this )

Note: there were several comments by reviewers who used THIS pillow during their pregnancy and it seemed to help immensely.  Read about that right HERE

If you’d like to read MORE about the U shaped body pillow .. VISIT This Ezine article

U-SHAPED Pillows: Or examine some of the Amzn reviews HERE 😎   (Comfort U Total body pillow)


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