Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow: Best Travel Pillow?

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Need a Memory Foam Travel Pillow with Decent Features?

By Jan Ashby


Memory Foam Travel Pillow

One of the more popular memory foam travel pillows seems to be the Cabeau memory foam travel pillow – which comes with its own carrying bag, btw. This pillow can be compressed down 75 percent – or to one quarter of its original size.

It features a washable cover and has adjustable front toggles, to hold the pillow in position.  Also, it’s got a media pouch for your MP3 player or phone.

This particular memory foam travel pillow has been reviewed by over 300 people – and yet is rated 4.5 Stars.  That is why I am highlighting this pillow.  Here’s its rank:

I will give you some frank reviews of this popular Memory Foam Pillow , so you can make your own decision.  However first will be a product description with features:

    • Has raised side supports offering a 360° head and chin comfort
    • Is made of superior quality responsive memory foam
    • Is designed with a flat back so it won’t push your head forward
    • Comes with velour cover (washable)
    • Features a set of memory foam ear plugs

    Reviewers of Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow had this to say –

    4 Star Reviews of Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

    “Reason I selected this pillow – I split my time between Europe and the U.S. and this pillow is far and away the best I’ve had.  The quality …”   READ MORE

    “Because I have arthritis, it’s a challenge to sleep in flight. This travel pillow helped..” READ MORE

    3 Star Reviews of Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

    “The foam in this pillow provides decent support and isn’t too soft.  My plane trip was quite comfortable. Then my neck…” –  READ MORE  

    “I travel a lot. To date this is the most decent neck supported pillow..” –  READ MORE

    2 Star Review of Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

    “Doesn’t work well unless you have a long neck.  While it prevented…”   READ MORE

    5 Star Reviews of Neck Product from Those who Find it To Be the Best Travel Pillow

    “This product made travel a breeze – because you can attach the neck clasp makes the product into a forward leaning pillow. I can now lean back in my seat, wrap the neck rest around with the space/opening in back, click the clasp shut, & this allows my head to…”   READ MORE

    “Fabric is velvety soft and the quality of it is top flight.  Plush memory foam material, this is a flexible product with more than 1 way of using..” Read MORE

    Colors Available : Crimson, grey, blue, blue tropic hibiscus, or black

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