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Best Memory Foam Mattress – As Rated by Consumers

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10-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress-Queen Size Mattress

Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

I will share with you the 2nd highest rated memory foam mattress.

This is rated by consumers, and you can see their reviews at the bottom of the page.

This is a queen size mattress – SLEEP INNOVATIONS:

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> Memory Foam Mattresses is Sleep Innovations 10 inch Sure Temp

> Comes in Full, Twin, and King sizes


Culled from, the

Sleep Innovations 10 inch queen size mattress

measures 80 x 60 x 10 inches and is 81 lbs (shipping weight).

     Model number: M-MAT-42010-QN-WHT

: 2 layers of foam are wrapped in a luxurious all in one

mattress cover with recovering elasticity.  This may make it the

“Best Memory Foam Mattress” .. only you can decide

The Sleep Innovations 10-inch queen size foam mattress is a Sure Temp Memory

Foam bed – it keeps body heat from being trapped … and according to reviewers

gives one a therapeutic, deep sleep experience.  It has a 7-inch base that is

composed of premium memory foam, which molds to your body providing therapeutic

support and custom comfort.


Due to its top 3-inch layer of SureTemp memory foam, the Sleep Innovations

Queen-sized mattress provides you a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Be Sure to READ the Top 500 Reviewer at Amzn here  Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress


Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress  Top Cover:  Luxurious knit cover


You will experience a relaxing sleep and superior airflow, as

heat is dissipated with our patented, open cell technology

These facts may make this mattress the

Best Memory Foam Mattress

for you, even more so if you have a tendency to become

warm while you are asleep.  Amazon has a very generous

return policy, so you might want to try this mattress topper


*Buyer’s Note: Overstock is not as easy to work with, I have heard

Be aware that some of the consumers felt that this queen size mattress was still WARM, and you might want to take that into consideration .


BUYER REVIEWS – Sleep Innovations Queen Size Mattress

4 Stars – “Didn’t Change My Life, But It’s A Comfortable Mattress and gave me a good night’s rest…”   READ MORE HERE

5 Stars – “Best Sleep in Years ..” – by Larry, 64 yr old: READ MORE

5 Stars – “I have sleep issues due to arthritis and.. ” –  READ MORE

4 Stars – “If you like firm mattresses, this does offer really good support.  My back is now less stiff in the a.m.”   READ MORE

2 Stars – “I did not get the pleasant sinking feeling I’ve had with other mattresses. Gave it some time, but both my shoulders and back still ..”   READ MORE

3 Stars – “I list a few IMPORTANT things you should be aware of, prior to purchase.  I am finding this mattress to be comfortable, though I did have to put some king size sheets on to…”  READ MORE

4 Stars – “A great bargain.  May be the best 500 bucks I’ve spent …”  READ MORE

1 Star – “Found it too hot. Firm support doesn’t necessarily have to mean hard support..”  READ ON


Overall Rating:  4 1/2 out of 5 Stars

For full details or to buy the Sleep Innovations Queen Size Mattress now, click here .

Source of Buyer Reviews and Description:


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